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Prosimo vas, da se prijavite, da bi lahko videli vaše cene ter nadaljevali z naročilom.

High-precision standard components for the modular concept

The modular concept in stamping dies has already been part of our standard practice for years. A universally usable basis die, also called a base set, is made into a customised stamping die with the help of slide-in die modules.

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    Modularly designed standard die sets

    offer the customer a variety of combination possibilities and therefore the highest degree of flexibility when assembling die sets.

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    Standard guiding system

    We offer a wide range of high-precision guiding elements in many different versions for die sets. These are available from stock as roller or sliding guides.

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    Spring cover

    A simple through hole and spring cover replace the time-consuming threading of a blind hole for spring installation.

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    Strip guiding, spring-loaded

    The spring-loaded strip guiding pin with collar can be used for different strip thicknesses and features high wear resistance thanks to the hardened material. Its dimensions are optimally matched to the springs and to the plate thicknesses.

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    Strip lifters

    Their small diameters make them suitable for dies with limited installation space. The integrated initial bore enables the introduction of a clearance hole for a pilot pin.

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    Module guiding

    We offer high-precision standard parts for optimal guiding of die modules. The guide pillars with Superfinish surface ensure smooth running.

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    Cutting punches

    Our high-quality cutting elements in numerous variants and dimensions are immediately available from stock. With the configurator, the cutting punches can be cut to length according to customer requirements.

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    Extensive range of springs - compression springs, elastomer springs and Belleville spring washers, as well as matching high-quality accessories.

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    Fork light barriers

    Our range includes fork light barriers with red light or invisible infrared light. They feature a robust housing and scratch and dirt-resistant lens.

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The standardised base set

The Meusburger standardised two-pillar die sets are optimally suited as base set for a modularly built stamping die. They offer ideal accessibility for inserting the die modules.

SH-Ohišje z dvema vodilnima stebroma zadaj

SH Two-pillar die set, back guiding

We offer our tried and trusted SH Two-pillar die set in sizes ranging from 126 x 156 to496 x 996 mm.

  • Can be combined with all Meusburger guiding elements
  • Maximum surface area for optimal design of your die modules

The die set plates are available in two different material grades:

Modular design wizard

With the wizard for the modular concept, you can complete a die set in just four steps. Choose from a variety of plates and set your individual module lengths. Thanks to the direct interface to all common CAD systems, you save time during the design.

A ready-to-use die module in just four steps
  • Select module width
  • Define module design
  • Define plate thicknesses, overhang and stroke
  • Segment modules

At the end, the appropriate SH Two-pillar die set will be suggested.

Configurable lengths

We offer the E 5076 and E 5078 guide pillars for the modular concept in freely configurable lengths. These are often needed when space is limited or if the suspension is done via the guide pillars.

  • Tolerances of special lengths: l4 +0/-0.02 mm, l2 +0/-0.2 mm
  • Maximum design flexibility in the layout of the die modules
  • Quick and easy configuration with our digital wizard

Wizard for the modular concept

Components for the modular concept


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