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Hot runner diagnosis device profiTEMP TM

The new diagnosis device is specially designed for MoldCheck, preheating and heating up the hot runner.

Hot runner systems

This exclusive diagnosis device enables a complete and professional diagnosis of the condition of the heaters and sensors, as well as for wiring a hot runner. Tailored to the requirements of mould makers as well as maintenance and service departments, it offers even more useful features:

  • The diagnostic result can be saved as a PDF file on a USB flash drive.
  • Easy maintenance as the zone fuses are accessible from the outside (fuses available as spare parts).
  • Can also be used for heating and preheating of the hot runner in three operation modes (controlled, manual, guided).
  • No specialist electrical knowledge required for use


  • Requires little space due to extremely compact housing dimensions
  • Convenient transport of the profiTEMP TM thanks to its light weight
  • Logical and intuitive navigation requires almost no training
  • Possible control of almost all nozzles and manifolds thanks to 15 amp heating outputs
  • For each error, the operator receives possible causes and detailed correction tips

Technical specifications

Mains supply
400VAC (~/N = 230VAC) 3~/N/PE, 50/60 Hz

Mains connection
CEE 32 A, 3m

Operation and display
7" IPS panel with capacitive touch, integrated in the front of the device

Sensor inputs
Thermocouple Fe/CuNi type J (-35...500°C) with internal reference junction
Measuring accuracy < 1K
Cable length to thermocouple < 30m

Heating outputs
Quantity: 12
230 VAC/15 A (3450 W) at 20 °C environment
230 VAC/14,5 A (3335 W) at 45 °C environment (derating fuse)

Fuse protection with superfast fuses FF 16 A, 6.3 x 32 mm (SIBA type 7012540.16 FF)
Cable length to heaters < 30m

Mould connection

Plug: Wieland WI 70.300.2440.0 (surface-mounted housing with double locking latches, 24 contacts, size 24B)
Assignment: PSG/Meusburger Standard (001)

Heater current measurement

Range 0 to 16 A per power output
Resolution 0.1 A (accuracy +/- 0.1A)

Leakage current measurement

Measuring range 0...100 mA
resolution 1 mA


1 x USB type A (for storage of MoldCheck files, firmware update)
1 x Ethernet RJ45, IP address adjustable (for service purposes)

Electr. safety / EMC
Electrical safety EN 61010-1: 2020-03
EMC interference emission according to EN 61000-6-4, interference immunity according to EN 61000-6-2
Overvoltage category II
Protection class I
Protection class IP20

Ambient temperature
Operation 0...45 °C
Transport and storage -20...70 °C

Climatic application class
Relative humidity < 75 % annual average, nocondensation

Dimensions: 215 x 260 x 400 (H x W x D in mm)
Weight: 9.8 kg


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