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Workshop equipment

Workshop equipment

Flexible clamping with the centring vice

The HER 1144 centring vice features versatile application possibilities. Be it for sinker EDM, for clamping electrode blanks or for clamping workpieces during light machining operations, this vice should not be missing from any workshop.

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Workshop equipment

Centring vice - Clamping without pre-stamping

When using centring vices, it is often necessary to spend time and effort pre-stamping each individual workpiece in a separate work step using a stamping machine. Lack of stability in the clamping device is usually the reason why stamping machines are used.

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Workshop equipment

Lifting equipment with innovation

A wide range of different lifting points, mostly coated in an array of eye-catching colours, are offered on the market in the field of lifting technology. The eye-catching colours often do more than you would suspect.

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Workshop equipment

Hard machining in mould and die making

Hard machining plays a very important role in mould and die making, but is also considered a major challenge. In recent years, some progress has been made in this area with the development of milling cutters which are an alternative to time-consuming EDM and grinding and enable a process which can be faster, more precise and more economical.

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Workshop equipment

Advantages of WZF milling cutters

With the specific requirements of mould and die making in mind, we have compiled a coordinated range for you comprising of rough and finish milling cutters as well as 3D torus and full-radius milling cutters for steel, aluminium, copper, and graphite.

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Workshop equipment

EDM with dowel pin system

There are many systems on the market for clamping electrode blanks on electrode holders.

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Workshop equipment

What do I have to consider when lubricating the ejectors?

High-quality lubrication of ejector pins is an important part of mould and die making. If certain things are taken into consideration, the service life of injection moulds can be significantly extended. An ejector lubricant must meet many requirements, which often makes it difficult to select the right product.

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Workshop equipment

H 1000 - the multifunctional clamping system for mould making

With the H 1000 you will not only work quickly and efficiently but also with absolute precision and repeatability. The standard F parts are aligned and clamped where it matters for the mould function, i.e. in the guide holes.

Read more


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